Vactor Sewer Cleaners

The Vactor 2100i is designed for those that are cleaning wastewater and sanitary systems. Many of our customers are municipalities and private contractors, they choose the 2100i because of its performance and ease to use. The 2100i series is an upgrade from the Vactor 2100 Plus, when redoing the design of the truck they made sure to have the operator in mind.

Key Components Offered 
  • The new IntuiTouch Control System which allows the operator the control all of the operational systems in one place. 
  • Vactor Jet Rodder Single Piston Water Pump 
  • Positive Displacement - made for those long distance pulls
  • RDB 1015 - expedited setup and tear down - the boom can automatically expand out 10 feet and the debris hose 15 feet down
  •  Water Recycling System 


RDB 1015

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