TRUVAC Vacuum Excavators

The TRUVAC brand is backed by Vactor Manufacturing, it is a dedicated vacuum excavation line. Vactor offers the highest quality combination sewer trucks and now they're doing the same with TRUVAC. Three different sized machines to meet whatever you needs might be. Whether you're with a municipality or a private contractor there's no question, vacuum excavation is the safest way to dig. TRUVAC has developed the smartest, fastest, and safest way to dig with their new hydro or vacuum excavation line.

Key Components Offered 
  • Non-CDL chassis
  • Body size options to fit your needs
  • Air or Hydro Excavation
  •  6 and 8 inch vacuum system 
  • Customizable parts and features




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TRUVAC Paradigm - offered with a Non CDL chassis
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