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What ISG Products Can Do for You

ISG carries the best product lines in the industry from Vactor sewer cleaners, TRUVAC vacuum excavators, Envirosight pipeline inspection cameras, Elgin sweepers, and many more. Additionally, we also offer service plans to keep your equipment running in top shape. Our parts department guarantees your parts will be OEM when you service your machines with us. Check out the equipment for sale! 


Vactor Sewer Cleaners

The Vactor 2100i is designed for those that are cleaning wastewater and sanitary systems. Many of our customers are municipalities and private contractors, they choose the 2100i because of its performance and ease to use.

The 2100i series is an upgrade from the Vactor 2100 Plus, when redoing the design of the truck they made sure to have the operator in mind.

Key Components Offered

  • The new IntuiTouch Control System which allows the operator the control all of the operational systems in one place.
  • Vactor Jet Rodder Single Piston Water Pump
  • Positive Displacement - made for those long distance pulls
  • RDB 1015 - expedited setup and tear down - the boom can automatically expand out 10 feet and the debris hose 15 feet down
  • Water Recycling System

Equipped with the Vactor Jet Rodder water pump - the Vactor 2100i is the most sophisticated sewer cleaner on the market. However, with the redesigned IntuiTouch Control System, it's designed around the operator, making it simple to use.

RDB 1015

This model of the 2100i makes it even easier to get the job done. With the Rapid Deployment Boom (RDB), your set-up and break-down time is dramatically reduced. The boom telescopes 10 feet out and can extend the debris hose down 15 feet.

Vactor 2100i Passenger view
Vactor 2100i Front View

Available for sale in: Virginia

Elgin Sweepers

Elgin produces sweepers for every situation - Non-CDL, mechanical, waterless sweepers, and more. Our Elgin customers range from municipalities, private contractors, to airports. An Elgin sweeper can fit any need. ISG is proud to bring these machines to our customers - Elgin has situated itself as one of the best in the industry when it comes to sweepers.

Mechanical Sweepers

These sweepers, use a main broom in the rear of machine to pick up debris. The debris is then sent up a conveyor and eventually ends up in a debris body or hopper.

Mechanical Sweepers: Broom Badger, Broom Bear, Eagle, Pelican, Road Wizard.

Regenerative Air Sweepers

This style sweeper uses a combination of pressurized air and vacuum air to pick material off the ground. Between the two air sources, the debris ends up in the body or hopper of the sweeper.

Regenerative Air Sweeper: Crosswind1

Waterless Sweepers

Waterless sweepers are able to pick up everything from bulky debris to the small particles, all while conserving water. Using a waterless system allows for year-round sweeping and water conservation during the sweeping process.

Waterless Sweepers: Pelican and Eagle

Key Components Offered

  • Non-CDL truck chassis
  • Multiple size debris bodies to fit your needs
  • Waterless system
  • A one engine Crosswind
  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) options
Broom Badger and Crosswind side by side
Mid-dump RegenX

Available for sale in: Virginia

TRUVAC Vacuum Excavators

The TRUVAC brand is backed by Vactor Manufacturing, and it is a dedicated vacuum excavation line. Vactor offers the highest quality combination sewer trucks, and now they're doing the same with TRUVAC. Three different sized machines to meet whatever your needs might be. Whether you're with a municipality or a private contractor, there's no question, vacuum excavation is the safest way to dig. TRUVAC has developed the smartest, fastest, and safest way to dig with their new hydro or vacuum excavation line.

Key Components Offered

  • Air and Hydro Capability
  • Large Blower Option
  • Customizable to Fit Your Needs
  • Non-CDL Truck Chassis Option
  • DigRight

Compact body size makes it available in a Class 6 non-CDL chassis, one engine for easy performance. The Paradigm has the park-n-dig function that makes setup and tear down a breeze.


The Prodigy brings options to the table, and with this truck, you can safely excavate with either air or water. This truck has a 6" vacuum system with a 360 degree rotation expandable boom that can reach up to 16 feet.


This full-size truck hasn't seen a job it can't handle. It has customizable tools to make this piece of equipment perfect for your team's biggest jobs, maximizing safety, and productivity.

TRUVAC Paradigm
Prodigy_KO Angle_Large (1)

Available for sale in: Virginia, North Carolina*, South Carolina*

Envirosight Inspection Cameras

Industry-leading in underground inspection, Envirosight offers a camera for every scenario. ISG is proud to bring these state-of-the-art cameras to our customers. "Underground - Understood" simple yet important, with Envirosight cameras never be surprised or question what's going on under your feet. Keep the pipes in your area clean and repaired when necessary.

Key Components Offered

  • Cameras that fit pipes of all sizes
  • Digital Push Cameras
  • CCTV to take the inspection anywhere
  • Wincan software to add on to Envirosight products
  • Pull cameras for a quick snapshot

With the ROVVER X, you can do everything all in one machine; control, view, record HD video, mark observations and create reports. This crawler can adapt to pipes of any size. With 6-wheel drive, it can maneuver in pipes of all conditions. Learn more about the ROVVER X here! 

Quickview airHD

Just as the name suggests, this camera is perfect for rapid response and quick glances. With the use of a tablet, you can record and take snapshots of the condition. Adjustable zoom and light allows for ample vision down the pipe. Learn more about the Quickview airHD here! 

Verisight Pro

The Verisight Pro makes inspecting drain pipes and laterals a breeze. With the ability to log and store up to 90 hours of video and images, keep your findings detailed and organized. Learn more about the Verisight Pro here! 


Adding a camera nozzle to the lineup allows your combination sewer truck to perform at another level. Use the Jetscan before to see sewer conditions and/or after to check the results of cleaning. Learn more about the Jetscan here! 


Start a manhole inspection with the touch of a single button. Manhole inspections made easy with the Cleverscan, inspect manholes in a fraction of the time with a detailed report and HD video to record and log. Learn more about the Cleverscan here!


Many options available for inspection on-the-go, you choose your build-out preferences to best suit your team! Check out some of the common options for an inspection system build out.


The new ROVVER X SAT II lateral launch inspection crawler from Envirosight finds gas line cross bores and illicit flows with unmatched speed and versatility. Redesigned from the ground up, it offers unprecedented range and speed, powerful aiming and launching mechanisms, steerable 8-wheel drive and three onboard cameras. Learn more about the SAT II here!

Available for sale in: Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C., North Carolina, South Carolina, Eastern Tennessee


Understand sewer maintenance on another level. With WinCan, you can easily collect detailed inspection data. The analytics that can come from using this software includes trends, hotspots, and will help prioritize maintenance while taking into account budgets.

Key Components Offered

  • Cloud-Based Collaboration
  • Specialized Capabilities for Every Part of the Team
  • Add-Ons Available - allowing WinCan to grow with you
  • WinCan Compatible with All Sewer Inspection Technology

Available for sale in: Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C., North Carolina, South Carolina, Eastern Tennessee

Petersen Industries

Perfect solution for bulk waste collection and storm clean up - making it safer and more efficient. Founded over 60 years ago, Petersen Industries focuses on knuckle-boom loaders with dumb bodies. Petersen prides themselves on in-house manufacturing of 95% of the equipment components.


Key Components Offered

  • Easy to Use
  • Body Size Options
  • QUADSTICK® Controls & Stationary Top Mount Controls
  • Atlas Dump Bodies Made of Hardox to Last Longer

A single operator can load, haul and dump trash with this unit.

  • 20 ft. boom reach with 4 ft. telescoping extension
  • Lifts 3,200 lbs. when fully extended at 20 ft.
  • At 10 ft. maximum lift capacity is 7,100 lbs.
  • Dump body sizes range between 20 and 30 cubic yards

The Atlas Lightning Loader is a heavy duty grapple loader, equipped with Petersen’s Big Bite bucket at the end of the boom. The loader operates from a seated platform that rotates with the boom.

  • Boom that can continuously rotate 360° degrees
  • Fully skinned bucket and body in Hardox 450 steel for extreme wear and tear.
  • The heaviest and most stable lifting hoist

Available for sale in: Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C.

Xtreme Vac

Xtreme Vac has something in their series for everyone! Powerful debris collectors for leaves, trash, plastic bottles, grass clippings and more. They offer trailer units as well as skid mounted and truck mounted units depending on what your needs are. 


Powerful tow behind unit with a hydraulic hose boom for easy pickup. Standard Kubota 87HP gasoline engine. 


Trailer mounted unit, for large debris pickup. It has a 10 cubic yard capacity self dumping container constructed of 12-gauge steel.


Truck mounted unit with dump body options available in 14, 20, 25, or 30 cubic yard capacities. In-cab controls for 3-axis boom.


This self-contained debris collector has a 16 cubic yard debris body. It's mounted on a non-CDL Isuzu NPR chassis with a Kubota diesel engine, equipped with dual steer.

Key Components spots

  • Belt-Driven Options
  • Self-Contained Options
  • Perfect for Curbside Pickups
  • Pick-Up Debris from Leaves to Trash
Non-CDL Leaf Truck

Available for sale in: Virginia

Elliott Equipment

Elliott Equipment has been innovating and building equipment for over 70 years. Whether you need life something or someone up high or dig down low, they pride themselves on creating multi-functional pieces of equipment. One truck can do multiple jobs for your team!

Elliot HiReach Aerial Truck

Key Components Offered

  • High Quality & Multi-functional Equipment
  • Comprehensive Warranty
  • Equipment to Work Deep Underground
  • Equipment to Lift People and Material Up High

HiReach aerial work platforms from Elliott Equipment Company do so much more than simply get crews off the ground. Their full line of lifting equipment is known for its rugged design, stability and customizability.

Digger Derrick

Elliott’s Digger Derrick line is specifically engineered for transmission and heavy-duty construction projects. Built to work hard, day after day, year after year, the digger line boasts Elliott’s high boom pinpoint geometry allowing for maximum power out of the hole, as well as features offering ergonomic seating and a variable displacement piston pump.

BoomTruck Crane

Featuring a range of rated capacities from 10 to 50 tons, with a wide range of boom lengths and tip heights up to 207 feet, all Elliott BoomTrucks are backed by the best warranty in the industry.

Available for sale in: Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Eastern Tennessee.

Madvac Compact Sweepers

The Madvac lineup of sweepers and litter collectors is perfect for tight spaces in urban environments. They can fit where other equipment can't save time and money with these single operator machines.

Key Components Offered

  • Compact Sweepers
  • Litter Vacuums
  • Portable Vacuum
  • High dump body

Available for sale in: Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C., North Carolina, South Carolina

KM International

Specializing in asphalt equipment, KM International has a solution for your maintenance needs. They continue to innovate the asphalt repair equipment, leading the market in saving you time and money.

KM 4000T

A 2-ton trailer with the capabilities to maintain asphalt temperatures for up to three days. It also has the ability to reclaim excess or bulk-stored hotmix overnight. It's designed to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Also available in a 4-ton trailer for larger jobs - KM 8000T.

KM T-2

This asphalt recycler can produce 4 tons of hotmix asphalt in an hour. This machine allows for year-round asphalt repairs. It has the ability to recycle asphalt millings, chunks, and other RAP material into plant-grade asphalt.

KM 2-18X

This is a lightweight infrared asphalt recycler. It's made to repair cold seams and roller marks. Useful on small-to-mid sized asphalt defects with it's 23 square feet heating area.

Key Components Offered

  • Access to hot mix asphalt year-round
  • Trailer mounted, or skid mounted
  • Reduction in time on the job
  • Size options for infrared to meet your needs
  • Equipment can be used for multiple facets
KM Asphalt Recycler
KM 4 Ton Hotbox

Available for sale in: Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C., North Carolina, South Carolina, Eastern Tennessee, West Virginia

H.D. Industries

The Pro-Patch Asphalt Pothole Patcher is unique in its design, allowing the machine to transport asphalt mixed material at any temperature. Not only is the machine made by H.D. Industries efficient, the results are permanent repairs that withstand all weather conditions. Different sized units and configurations are available.

HD Industries Pro-Patch

Available for sale in: Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C.

PB Loader

They build quality pothole patchers that are durable, long-lasting and built for year-round patching operations. From truck-mounted patchers to dump body slip-in, hook lift mount and trailer models, PB makes patching a whole lot easier.

Key Components Offered

  • Abilty for year-round patching
  • Mounting options
  • Minimal man-power needed
  • Can be used for multiple applications

Available for sale in: North Carolina, South Carolina

Ditch Master

Ditch Master offers the latest innovations in ditch maintenance. Using a Ditch Master machine can save up to 80% of the normal costs for ditch cleaning work - between fuel and personnel. The truck-mounted equipment can travel at highway speeds allowing it to be mobile for ditch cleaning all over.

The single operator hydraulic controls enable the operator to extend, retract, lower or raise the Ditch Master arm. Maintaining roadside ditches allows drainage to work properly, keeping costly road maintenance down.

Key Components Offered

  • Single operator ability
  • Convenient hydraulic controls
  • Hydraulic arm makes cleaning any ditch possible
  • Can order with dump body attached
  • Conveyor system to move the debris

Available for sale in: Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C.

AccuBrine Winter Road Maintenance

The AccuBrine Automated Brine Maker has proven to be one of the most effective and cost-efficient system. With this, you can stay ahead of the storm and keep the roads safe and clear. The lineup of brine making systems offering by Cargil, each of them can be added on to the other - there is something for every team. As your operation grows, your equipment lineup can easily grow with it.

Key Components Offered

  • All New Remote Access
  • Improved Accuracy and Efficiency
  • More Powerful Pump - Increasing Efficiency
  • Durable - creating a long-term investment
  • Quick cleanout, it's automatic and safe

Available for sale in: Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C.

Accubatch Brine Maker

Pacific Tek

Specializing in vacuum excavators and valve exercisers, Pacific Tek offers trailer mounted or skid mounted vacuum excavators and valve exercisers. With 8 different tank sizes, they offer vacuum system equipment for every budget.

Pacific Tek

Available for sale in: Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C.

Warthog Nozzles

This line from StoneAge Waterblast Tools has revolutionized the way you clean your pipes. With options from their Classic Series, Switcher Series, and high-end Magnum Series, there's something for every application. Whether you work for a municipality or a private contractor - adding these to your lineup will increase productivity and results.

Key Components Offered

  • "WHR Switcher is a 2 in 1" nozzle - switch from cleaning to flushing without leaving the pipe
  • Size options for pipes from 2" to 36"
  • Magnum series - features carbine nozzles for longer life
  • Easy cleaning so there's less maintenance and downtime

Available for sale in: Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C.

Advanced Work Horse Nozzles

This nozzle lineup has something for everyone at a price point that fits most budgets. Workhorse Nozzles use premium industrial conical ceramic orifice technology to accelerate the stream as the flow path tapers on approach to the orifice, thus maximizing horsepower.

Key Components Offered

  • NDH - Near Diamond Hard - conical ceramic "sleeves"
  • Hardened stainless tool steel and space age aluminum alloys
  • Nozzles for many sized pipes
  • Emphasis on nozzle orientation, the profile of the jets used, and jet angles

Available for sale in: Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C.


BLUESTAR nozzles supply tools that make great additions to your sewer combination trucks. Download the entire SPS Catalog here. ISG is your source for BLUESTAR Nozzles in Virginia and Maryland!

Available for sale in: Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C.


Communication and safety on site is of utmost importance; therefore, ISG is proud to bring our customers some of the best hands-free headsets in the industry. With Sonetics, your hearing is protected but not disconnected. While wearing the headsets, you can control how much outside noise comes through while still focusing on being able to hear your team, allowing you to stay alert to the outside conditions.

Key Components Offered

  • Full-Duplex Communication
  • Optional-Connect Your Cell Phone
  • Listen-Through Technology
  • Optional-Integrate Two-Way Radios
  • Site-Covering Range: up to 1,600 ft away from the ComHub
  • Rugged and Tested - built to hold up under all conditions

Available for sale in: Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C.


LiberatorMAX is the most advanced system for team communications. Multi-person intercom system that is versatile and simple to use, making it a great solution for communication needs in many situations. Turn the headset on to instantly connect with other headsets. No installation or base station is required, giving you the freedom to move around without worry.

Key Components Offered

  • Up to 8 Intercom (Unlimited Amount of Listen-Only Headsets)
  • Range: Up to 1,500 ft (Line of Sight)
  • 15 Hours of Battery Life
  • Ability to Integrate Portable Radio
  • Dual-Speaker Headset with Noise Reduction Rating of 23dB
  • 8 Talk Group Channels

Available for sale in: North Carolina, South Carolina, and Eastern Tennessee

And more equipment...

ISG carries many industry-leading product lines, and if you don't see what you're looking for, give us a call. Furthermore, our team has extensive knowledge of all the products we carry. So, if you're not sure what you need, we can help you find the best equipment for your team.

*Only available for sale to private contractors, industrial companies, and commercial companies.